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Laboratory Scientist

Research Opportunity


Help with research projects, abstracts and manuscripts to help with USMLE application

Why Research Is Important?

Gain a competitive edge.
Every year, the residency match becomes more and more competitive. A publication in a reputed medical journal gives a good impression to residency programs and shows that you’ve done something in addition to clearing medical school and preparing for USMLE steps.

Improve your portfolio.
Research is something you can do continuously until you match and it helps to build your portfolio and will stay throughout your career and help you not only during the residency match, but also to help you with the desired fellowship.


Lifelong skills.
After completing this course, you’ll know everything you need to start writing & publishing research papers in medical journals and present them in conferences. This valuable skill will help you throughout your medical career.

See our detailed post at

We charge the following -

1. $800 for 1 publication

2. $1500 for 2 publications

3. $2100 for 3 publications in pubmed indexed journals

Time from order to submission about 1-2 months, which can be mentioned in ERAS applications as "submitted"

Time to visibility on pubmed can range from 3-6 months

You will be involved during the whole process so you learn how it is done and can present to anyone. 

Authorship will be solely based on the amount of work you put it. Sorry this is non negotiable and requests for first authorship are not guaranteed and possibly not achievable in first few publications. 

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